My name is Alexandria

Hello, my name is Alexandria. I love listening to new music, seeing new places, and writing new things. I hope you all enjoy my blog and find your passions.


I like Courtney Love. Deal with it.

Okay, being a Kurt (& Nirvana) fan and a Hole fan may sound like being a vegan who loves meat to some people. It shouldn’t be like that. Is Courtney love a little rough around the edges? Obviously. But that’s a staple of most rockstars and why we love them anyway. A lot of times we live bi-curiously through their madness.

Just because Courtney was married to a talented man doesn’t mean her talent was derived from him. I see so many comments like, “it’s so obvious Kurt wrote this” and then of course some comments about her killing Kurt and being a whore & a bitch. Gotta love sexism!!!!

Also, if you’re so in love with Kurt, why would you insult his wife and the mother of his child? Hm, very logical.

It doesn’t surprise me Kurt would marry an independent powerhouse of a woman like Courtney. She wrote songs dealing with rape, incest, sexism… subjects that seem fitting for the partner of Kurt to write about.

Women are great and don’t deserve to go through some of the things we do. I appreciate Courtney for being a fearless and powerful female. Imagine your husband committing suicide, the world saying you killed him, raising the child you had with him all by youself, and still being a rockstar.

I like Courtney Love, deal with it.

Soundgarden Sunday- Hands All Over

Don’t you hate it when you type in Hands All Over and a Maroon 5 song pops up? A travesty I tell you!

Anway, Hands All Over is a great song about protecting the environment and not biting the hand that feeds you.

“put your hands away, you’re gonna kill your mother.”

What a wise man you were Christopher, let’s all protect our Mother Earth!

Of course I have to say rest in peace Chris Cornell. His death and the circumstance of it still upset me, but he’ll never die as he lives in the hearts of so many. Let’s preserve his legacy and protect our planet!

Rollins Band- Low Self Opinion

Henry Rollins is a pretty legendary figure in music. He had a great run with the pioneering punk band Black Flag and really exemplified the punk, do it yourself attitude. He later founded the Rollins Band and I’ve only pretty recently discovered their greatness.

Henry certainly seems like he has mellowed with age; if I would’ve met Rollins in the 80’s I probably would have been shaking in my boots out of intimidation. However, considering Henry wrote a song like Low-Self Opinion with the Rollins Band; I don’t think he wants anyone to doubt themselves or let others intimidate them.

I love this song because he’s sort of yelling at you about your insecurities, but he ends up relating to the listener and shows that he understands the intense feelings of self doubt.

He starts off yelling at you with


later he goes on to say, “you always victimize so you can criticize yourself and all those around you.”

I love this song because it really feels like he’s telling you things you don’t want to admit about yourself, but later on he makes himself vulnerable admitting that he understands your feelings.

I know the self doubt that runs inside your mind
I know the self doubt that treats you so unkind

This song is a slap in the face, but the best kind. Thanks Henry

New Wave Wednesday- The B52’s

First of all, let me say God bless Athens for blessing the world with The B52’s and R.E.M.

One of my favorite tracks by The B52’s is Lava on their self-titled album. The guitar sounds amazing, the drums are bangin, and of course Fred Schneider’s lyrics are iconic.

My love’s a lava bomb
Knock you in the head
Knock you in the head
Kick you in the bed

…. alright Fred.

The B52’s have such a fun sound that will never fail to amuse me or impress me. Over 30 years after being released, this song still sounds fresh. Iconic.


Fru Friday

I’ve loved a lot of musicians. I’ve also felt a certain attachment with many artists though their music. With that being said, I don’t think I’ve ever found a musician more fascinating or inspiring than John Frusciante.

From shredding guitar with the chili peppers at the tender age of 17 to becoming a recluse drug addict and then rising like a Phoenix again, you have to admit the man has lived. And… he talks to cats for hours (see photo above), I mean… what a guy.

Interestingly enough, I was always a fan of Red hot chili peppers, but I actually didn’t fall in love with Frusciante and his solo work until about last year. The album Niandre LaDes is certaintly difficult to swallow if you like albums because they’re “easy” to listen to, but it’s probably one of my favorites. His shrieks on My Smile is a Rifle almost make me want to laugh, but as the music continues the laugher seizes and a feeling of overwhelming sadness takes over (but the good kind, the kind that makes you think).

(Niandre LaDes album cover- dedicated to Flea’s daughter, Clara)

In a way it’s inspiring to know that someone can come out of a period of endless drug use and depression and end up making the most heart-warming songs like “Song to Sing when I’m Lonely” (on the album Shadows Collide With People). By the end of the song, he’s a total champion and it almost seems like he realizes music will always be a friend.

I understand he doesn’t really release music for profit anymore and doesn’t play shows. I’d LOVE to see him in concert more than almost anything, but I’m happy so long as he’s still playing music for himself and talking to his cats. Happy Frusciante Friday

Matisyahu Monday

I have no idea how I got so into the music of a Hasidic Jewish reggae artist/beatboxer when I was in middle school, but I’m so glad I did. While no longer Hasidic, Matisyahu’s music still draws influence from many of his Jewish sensibilities. He grew up in a more secular Jewish family, and as a teenager he developed a love for reggae music. He was very drawn to Jamaican culture, and even had dreads in high school.

After a while, he went on a search for his own identity, and fell in love with Judaism and his Jewish heritage. He ended up meshing his own culture with the Jamaican culture he loved, for an unparalleled, awesome listening experience. He can rap, sing with a Jamaican accent, and all the while make the music feel truly genuine. His love of reggae music is obvious as well as his reverence to all of the old testament references within the Jamaican form of music.

Whether you’re Christian or Muslim, Jewish or Hindu, religious or not, his music truly offers something to everyone. He constantly reminds me to find happiness from within and look out for others. As he said, “time will continue without you so end the end, it’s not about you.” Through his personal changes and spiritual ones, his music remains very special to me and he still exudes a wonderful spirit.Thanks Matis ❀

Being a student of Rock (literally)

Clearly as an angsty kid who loved everything “alternative” and everything 90’s, I knew of the bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. I can’t say I was a huge fan as I wasn’t familiar with all of their music, but I certainly was aware of their contribution to the indie rock scene, and I was excited to hear their song “Low” featured in the film Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Given this background information, it shouldn’t be surprising that when I realized there was a music business class being taught by David Lowery (frontman of Cracker & Camper,) I jumped on the opportunity to sign up for it.

Midway through the semester, I decided to interview him for an article I was writing and I will post the intro here πŸ™‚ (I will link the entire interview when the online publication is available.)

He was a joy to interview and very responsive to my questions, so I can’t wait to post the link to the online edition!

After speaking to him one on one, I couldn’t help regret that I couldn’t speak to him about my experience at one of his live shows, because I had never been to one. Thankfully, the musical spirits were looking out for me because Cracker was performing at the iconic 40 Watt Club in Athens,GA. and I had the chance to attend.

(David Lowery and Johnny Hickman)

Get Off This performed by Cracker at 40 Watt Club

And of course… “Low”!

I’d just like to say that music is the gift that keeps on giving, and it can open up a lot of doors! If music is your passion, pursue it in the way that best works for you! Rock on🀘🏼